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21 May

If these movies are flops, why would I still make them?

--we're sitting there [at the hotel restaurant] just talking. [Simpson leans her head across the table and puckers up.] I go, "What are you doing? I said, "Were you just trying to kiss me in front of all these people? The fact that this guy, on our first date, in the first 10 minutes of dinner, wanted to lean over the table and say, This is my girl and I want to kiss her--our first kiss in front of everybody--was awesome.

So on our first date--I've never told anybody this, wow! JESSICA SIMPSON: They just want to keep it private.

Jessica Simpson just can't seem to catch a break from the tabloids. JESSICA SIMPSON: I'm not going to lie and say that I don't want to see Tony and me in the pictures.

Recently she was labeled a "stalker" in the blogosphere after allegedly trying to get in touch with exes John Mayer and Nick Lachey. It is good airplane reading if you throw it away when you get off; I'm good at that.

She'd heard some of my new songs, and she was like, "Baby, you're back.

I care about what people think of my heart, my music, my passion. JESSICA SIMPSON: I'm working, and there are moments when you can cry out of fear. That's why my mom cried to me over the phone two nights ago. To hear that from your mom, all women want to hear that from their mom--there's nothing like it.

Jessica is clearly delighted.) It's obvious that the down-home comforts of Dallas are doing her right: Simpson is in control, adorable and ready to move on.

Fortified by a glass of chardonnay, she sets the record straight on coping with the tabloids, her acting career and, of course, her new, happy life with Romo.

GLAMOUR: So how does that feel to hear things like that? It takes away from why I'm there--just to be able to sign stuff that [soldiers] can send home to their families. We'll see if he's good with words." Then he e-mailed me, and we flirted over e-mail and on the phone.

JESSICA SIMPSON: I wore a T-shirt and jeans shorts and cowboy boots. Do they really think he can see way far up in that box? He's the most focused person I've ever dated. The great thing about Dallas is there's no paparazzi. JESSICA SIMPSON: I've been here for a week and a half, and I've not had one camera in my face. Then I heard [that I was his crush], and I'm like, Oh my gosh! My dad was like, "Look what Tony said." I said, "Give him my e-mail address.

When it was announced that , her much awaited film with Luke Wilson, was not getting a major theatrical release, one weekly suggested that she should "stick with reality television." And who can ever forget "jersey-gate"? I am not the type of person who believes everything she reads, but I like to look at photos and see what people are wearing.