Sasha and naeto c dating

21 Jul

We used to hear about each other but had never met, [when we did] we joked about being rivals.

Even though you don't get to hear what we are saying most of the time you could vibe to it.

It was shot in the Alexandra Township in South Africa.

The Nigerian rap star and ex-model, now Masters Student, Nicole Chukwueke celebrated their traditional introduction ceremony in the bride’s hometown on Thursday 29th December 2011. They both have exactly the same initials and attended the same secondary school (Atlantic Hall, Lagos, Nigeria) as well.

BN is definitely looking forward to Naeto and Nicole’s wedding in 2012.

It's a buzz record, a collaborated effort and was also on her album released in November and on my Sasha Speaks album.It was a good way to start entering other African countries. It was borne out of the need to create outfits I could buy.