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10 Apr

To work with localized interfaces, corresponding language support is required. In a multiprocessor system, an additional 512 MB of RAM is required for each additional processor core.Probably the biggest advantage of Flexi Capture is its sheer amount of features and modules.Honestly, we don’t know of any application in the market which comes close to Flexi Capture in terms of feature completeness.To update your Fine Reader 9.0 Sprint please choose “Help” menu item and then “Check for Updates Now” below in the dropped list of options.The appropriate ABBYY page will be opened in your browser, and you’ll find the patches or a message that no patches are currently available (this means, you use the newest version of the product).

*Software Maintenance and/or Upgrade Assurance Agreement is available from the respective regional ABBYY or partner office.For all questions concerning upgrading, feel free to contact the sales manager with whom you communicated before.If you are looking for a document capture and data entry automation software on the internet, you will stumble upon ABBYY Flexi Capture sooner or later.And rightfully so, as Flexi Capture is an incredibly powerful document processing platform.If you cannot make your scanning device work with an ABBYY software product, please visit our Knowledge Base or contact our technical support service.Updates and Downloads An update for ABBYY Fine Reader for Scan Snap 5.0 (Windows version) Update 3 is available to download.This update is intended for the program with part number #1074.4, #1074.8, #1074.12 and #1074.14 Update 3 includes: Once the installation of this update is completed, ABBYY Fine Reader for Scan Snap 5.0 will be now ready to run.Please note the part number in your program will be updated as #1074.16.

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