Starting a mobile dating site

11 Feb

Ok Cupid’s dating persona test is a great example of viral marketing: people started to share the test everywhere, not always even realizing that it was connected to a dating startup.

In this article we’ll look at some tips for overcoming the chicken and egg problem, specifically for mobile dating startups.

We’ll address how to acquire an initial user base, and how to keep your user base growing.

To keep accounts legit, Hinge provides information from a user’s Facebook page such as their friends list, photos, marital status, and place of living and studying, and then arranges matches only between friends of friends.

Positioning expresses the philosophy behind your app, but you must clearly articulate that positioning – for yourself and for your target audience. Answering these questions will help you crystallize your concept.

Apps like Tinder usually target local campuses since they offer social communities that can easily spread an idea by word of mouth.

The particular community you target at launch will depend on your app’s niche and positioning.

Although it’s the easiest way to populate a dating app, we don’t recommend this strategy since it risks your credibility as a company.

Users will rightly be unhappy to discover that a new cool dating app is actually peopled by bots or dummy accounts.

There are dating apps for farmers (After you’ve defined your target audience, you must understand how to communicate with them and how you want them to think about your app.

You should position your app with a clear message – a message that will resonate throughout all your promotional materials.

If you get 5,000 users, but they’re distributed equally throughout the US, your app might not lead to too many dates.