Wheeler centre literary speed dating 2016

20 Jul

I thought I was pessimistic, but this takes pessimism to a stage well beyond even mine.

But it is an elementary error of logic to argue that if xenophobes voted for leaving, then those who voted for leaving were xenophobes.

The fact that so many supporters of Britain remaining made this error suggests that education and the ability to think are not dismissive of the uneducated masses who voted for Brexit, seem not to have noticed the logical fallacy in the argument that if xenophobes voted for Brexit, then those who voted for Brexit were xenophobes.

But at least the reform is the work, or attempted work, of a French government.

Imagine if the reform were imposed by fiat of a European government despite the opposition of the French government and members of the European parliament.

There is no European people to elect a European government, and never will be.

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