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27 Jun

Plus, I have made the first move with guys before.) After a bit, when things get more serious, I think it makes sense to take turns paying or to split the bill (whichever is more convenient).

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That way we're both giving up equal amounts of time and money to check things out and see if things will work out and if we want to do it again.

Once we're a real item, then I'll get the check sometimes and he'll get it sometimes, and just go back and forth like that.

Honestly, are there women out there who will go out with a guy just for the free drinks? But if a guy really expects that he can spend money on a woman and she'll keep going out with him, or that he ‘deserves’ something from her, that's f'ed up," says Diana, 36.

You just don't show up to a date expecting a free meal; you just don't."I think it shouldn't be assumed that he is going to pay.

How gender inequality comes into play."When women stop making 77 cents to every dollar a man makes, we'll go dutch.

Until then, I am happy to help even things out by allowing men to pick up the tab on dinner," says Jennifer, 26.

"The conduct of defendant [Lauer] so endangers the physical and mental well-being of the plaintiff [Roque] so as to render it unsafe and improper for plaintiff to cohabit with defendant," Nancy Chemtob, Roque's attorney, reportedly wrote in the legal documents.

The documents, which Roque reportedly withdrew three weeks later, have not been independently verified.