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10 May

I see a lot of couples that stay together from high school, as well. I also met some awesome people in the dorms last year too.

Sunday night I went out though, to "celebrate" the finishing on those exams.

You ask me on a typical weekend and I'll tell you I went to our paired events (basically went to fraternities).

Athletic events are pretty popular but guest speakers and theatre aren't as popular but you can find people that enjoy going to those events and they are the people you will become close with. Its easy to get to the college mall and downtown Bloomington so that you can go out on a date.

I met this girl through a bunch of my friends and you'll meet so many different people through your friends.

Athletic events are popular, as we have lots of school spirit.Guest speakers are more concentrated depending on if the topic is right for you and theater definitely draws a certain crowd as well.I am involved in IUDM, Connect 4 Compassion, and am a peer tutor for a Kelley business class.Leaving your doors open depends on the dorm you live in.