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20 Jun

The film also features Scott Romstadt and Jake Olson in shirtless scenes. The crime comedy Hot Guys with Guns centers around Danny (played by Marc Anthony Samuel), a gay actor doing research in hopes of getting a part as a television detective.

Dylan & Demetrius bond over their shared betrayal at Ken’s hands and find themselves engaging in their own affair, as each tries to get over their hurt feelings.

Chad Bartley plays Dylan and treats viewers to several scenes of rear nudity.

The film also features shirtless scenes featuring Mingyu Chu, Spencer Collins, David Nathie Barnes and Kevin Held. When Ken is called away on yet another business trip, Dylan decides to follow.

Dylan arrives in Phoenix, only to discover Ken has seemingly vanished, leaving behind his partner of 7 years, Demetrius.

Gayby is a light-hearted comedy centering on the friendship between straight girl Jenn and her gay best friend, Matt.

Despite their bad luck in love and lack of control of their lives, the two decide to have a baby together.

Matthew Wilkas plays Matt and appears shirtless throughout the film, as Matt & Jenn attempt to procreate the old-fashioned way by having sex.

Jenn’s efforts are complicated when she gets sexually involved with her boss’s brother, Louis, played by Louis Cancelmi, who goes shirtless for their sex scene.

Jeff Castle appears partially nude in his role as Demetrius.