Phped updating code explorer tree

05 Apr

Back in that time someone could think "just increase resource" as a valid answer, but I'm using a Inter(R) Core(TM) i7-37709 CPU @ 3.40Ghz 8GB memory Windows 7 - 64Bits.Forums Forum Index Php ED PHP IDE RSS2 Feed V4.5 and PEAR Connection ... I installed the full version yesterday and noticed a long program freeze at start-up (which wasn't there in the evaluation version).Me and my colleague have been uninstalling/installing a few times now but it doesn't help.Could this have anything to do with network drives?

I'm an administrator on my machine but I can't remove Kasperski from the process list (this is controlled by our network administrators and they don't want to stop it for security reasons)..all the other things are checked (COM is running...) Why would the full version complain about kasperski where the trial version doesn't?I checked them all and I can connect to them all but one of them needs a password. I had that drive connected when using the trial version though and then it didn't freeze at startup.[UPDATE] disconnected all my network drives but no joy [UPDATE 2] in Regmon it stops after Php Ed does a Close Key request at 'HKCU\Software\Nu Sphere\PHPEd4.6\Preferences' and continues 22 seconds later with a Create Key request on the same path.