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16 Feb

Placed on the sex offenders register but because of the short sentence, not banned from working with children!The others may not have travelled far, but were remarkably proprietorial about their territory, marking it with distinctive-smelling chemicals which are secreted when they rub up against trees and rocks.“I parachuted into Germany with the regiment on March 24, 1945.Glynn Leggatt, 41, formerly of Pyrethrum Way, Willingham, jailed for six months.Leggatt resigned from Redcastle Furze First Primary School in Thetford, where he was science and technology coordinator.

Mark Hayes (29) formerly of Kingfisher Drive, Smithswood, Solihull, jailed for 12 months, subject to an extended period of 18 months on licence after release, placed on the sex offenders register for ten years and an indefinite ban from accessing the Internet.

He will face another five years in prison if he breaches the order.

By VE Day we had reached the outskirts of Wismar, on the Baltic.

We couldn’t get any further up the road, because of refugees. The road was just a mass of refugees – some pushing handcarts, some with bicycles and some with bags on their backs.

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