Updating zenwalk

16 Jan

Download this Python script to control Dropbox from the command line.If you've never used Zenwalk much before, you may be blown away once you get familiar to its simplistic way of functioning. However, you may complain on things like auto-mounting. I'm currently using Feisty though, and it's just soooo damn good i can't see me using anything else for a while. Granted Zenwalk is faster in performance, I just find Ubuntu a bit easier with the upgrade path and ease of installing new softwares.It also has a great gui and cli package manager for installing softwares similar to apt-get or synaptic from Ubuntu or other debian-based distros. I can do samba, amarok, burn dvd or CDs, create documents. When I put a DVD, I expect it to pop open a prompt like in windows or ubuntu or many others that a media has been detected. :) But yeah, on the whole, i'd say that Zenwalk is "Wonderful" OS & well worth a try. Look for example at the ease of getting e17 on Ubuntu versus with Zenwalk or most other non-debian-based distributions. At times I'm frustrated by my own ignorance, but never the less it's on my Think Pad right now... XFCE, in my opinion, is much better than GNOME and KDE.I always work on it, even though i have Ubuntu and Suse and crappy installed on my system. :lolflag: I've recently switched to Zen, wanted to try anoter distro before moving on to feisty.Getting a few problems where my laptop brightness shortcut would restart my xserver, finding info and installing additional alternatives doesn't feel as easy without synaptic and apt-get and ubuntuforums large database.

I've jut barely started using so I don't really know yet how good or bad the package installer is, took me quite a while to find out where to get the necessary packages and dependencies for beryl, install it but it end up crashing often, and a few problems where it keep me from logging back in, I'll try to find out what's going on when I have the time, but it certainly isn't as easy as just doing apt-get update to get the latest svns like in ubuntu =) So far it's a really fast and responsive os but getting what I need working and actually finding info and the solutions is harder than ubuntu, I found 100% of my problems and the solutions through just searching on ubuntuforum but I find it harder with zen, and google doesn't help that much, but I haven't really spent too much time with it so maybe I'm just not looking at the right place (wanted to jump right in so I kind of skipped a lot of texts) Hopefully I'll solve the tiny problems since I'd really want to use zen for a bit, I really like how slim it is and I've liked xfce for a while, however I didn't feel it being that much faster than xubuntu other than the super fast boot time.

I have installed once, on my other partition, when Ubuntu abandoned me (yes, it did twice), but I couldn't figure out how to get my wireless dongle to work (and had no internet to get some info) and I eventually gave up on that distro. so, he killed it, when he was trying to install win98(he asked to). It's so stable, and after compiling a few apps I needed, I now compile about every package... It's a great been meaning to install a zenwalk core, and try and build up from there.

For easy access, put a symlink to the script anywhere in your PATH.

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