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20 Apr

T., lapsed into a near catatonic stage of mourning for his little brother Jesse.

They claimed the gun maker and sellers knew that civilians are unfit to operate the assault rifle and yet continue selling it to civilians disregarding the threat the gun posed.

The lawsuit also alleged that Remington and the other defendants “unethically, oppressively, immorally and unscrupulously marketed and promoted the assaultive qualities and military uses of AR-15s to civilian purchasers.”In December 2015, Remington, Camfour and the gun store asked Judge Bellis to throw out the lawsuit, claiming they were immune from the families’ claims under the federal Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act.

People the world over wept and raged at this slaughter of the innocents. Lewis: In the immediate aftermath of the shooting, Ms. First, she resolved to help her surviving older child, J.

Following the Sandy Hook school shooting, the nation fell into collective shock and mourning. Lewis came upon the chalkboard following the shooting – with this poignant message from Jesse – her mission became clear. In addition, she vowed to continue with the work of nurturing, healing and love that Jesse had inspired with his message.

She has worked with Rwandan orphans, as well as with educators to develop tools for outreach in schools. Lewis has worked tirelessly to further a message of meaning in suffering through practical service to others.