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15 Aug

Most fans are just unimpressed by Alex's looks, finding it confusing to believe he'd be the show's main heartthrob.But the distaste for Alex is much deeper than just a physical level for many fans.Since it premiered, the show has been plagued by controversy after old social media posts from Alex's past resurfaced showing the reality star abusing animals.PHOTOS: Hills stars then and now Fashion designer and best-selling author Conrad sported goofy, oversized sunglasses while star Colletti appeared to be wearing knight’s armor.She wed Tell in a beautiful September California ceremony.

KRISTIN'S BMW = NOT A GRADUATION PRESENT FROM DADDY OR MTVMTV bought Kristin's old car (the isuzu) and the money may have went towards her BMW SUV.

The car was not a graduation present but was given to her before spring break.

In case anyone needs a reminder, podcasts are totally public.

If you're a celebrity and you go on a podcast and make a total ass of yourself, people are going to find out.


From someone who hung out with the cast members, he saw many occasions where Kristin had to rip LC off of Stephen every time they were together.

Ten years later — though LC is now married — the pair are still pals, and Colletti recently posted the photographic evidence.

PHOTOS: Lauren's wedding album to William Tell The crew from Laguna Beach High School got together over the holiday weekend to celebrate their 10-year high school reunion.

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