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31 Jan

Edward,once a geek, and Bella secretly crushed on each other since high school. Is one night enough to squelch a decade old passion or will it fan the flames into an unquenchable fire.Finding Purgatory: My novel, One To Tell The Grandkids, is available on Amazon. Or will she write it off as a prank of the conceited, spoiled rich kid she knows him to be?View One to Tell The Grandkids: My debut novella, Duplicity is available on Amazon. Bella begins working for the elusive and distant Edward Cullen who she discovers is hiding behind an elaborate charade to maintain his secret lifestyle. Edward had heard of it, but he'd never given it much thought until he promised his coworker Bella a favor he couldn't refuse.College dropout Edward Cullen can't seem to keep hold of love, or his music. Com um bebê envolvido, nada será tão simples quanto ele gostaria.A cottage, a lake, a tree, a muse, wrong choices, and heartache. Mas depois que ele conhece Bella, sempre parece que a felicidade estava tão perto, e ainda tão longe. Edward Masen was changed in 1918 and abandoned by his sire.

M for language, sexuality, and some underage drinking. E&B, Rated M, AHWhat do you do after your world changes, after you're no longer part of the relationship that practically defined your entire life? Time goes on as Bella struggles to make a new life without him. AHAfter her divorce, Bella starts a new life with her son.A little OOC...ok, a lot OOCEdward, Emmett and Jasper travel across the border to meet starlets Bella, Alice and Rosalie at a fan convention. Just Fork It & Little Miss Whitlock"She's a myth that I have to believe in, all I need to make it real is one more reason." Can a nobody boy ever really win the heart of a somebody girl? Who do you turn to when everyone around you has changed but swears you are the one who is different? One fateful night, 29y/o Edward must make the decision that haunts every firefighter's worst nightmares. She soon meets a handsome doctor, who is dealing with his own loss and is struggling to raise his two kids.Lemmony/AU/AH/B&EBella's ready to bust out of her shell in college with roomie Alice.She meets the dazzling but rakish Edward, but is warned of his less than angelic ways.When a match is made between Edward,son of the most powerful man in the kingdom, and Bella, highborn prisoner of the crown held hostage after her family's betrayal, neither party can refuse. Victimized by one, saved by the other, thrown into the middle of a myth, saddled with a secret terror of one monster she could only share with another. So you're standing in line for coffee, minding your own business, when a sexy cop with nerdy tattoos walks into your life. When love is a whirlwind, is there such thing as balance? Reading a sexy scene out loud was always going to sound awkward, or so Jasper thought until he came across the narrator Richard Carlyle. All was well, but then his boyfriend took him home to meet the parents. A woman in full possession of her wiles is a force to be reckoned with.It's not an ideal match for either the traumatized Lady nor the black sheep of Masen House. One sinister monster who collected the humanity of others. Soon, you have yourself a sexy, nerdy cop boyfriend who rocks your world. When Edward's son died, he took Edward's heart and soul with him. But then, Edward met college student Bella who thrived despite her own tragedy. Alice Brandon Whitlock is twenty-two years old and the story of her life already read like a tragedy- a tragedy worthy of the Jerry Springer show in its twists and turns.They drift through love, loss, heartache and all the wonderful things that life throws there way. Bad Boy Edward Cullen meets the studious Bella Swan. ALL HUMAN Ex BTeddy's secret and magical childhood is lost when a family heirloom is destroyed, changing his life forever.

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