An error occurred while updating the default player

22 Apr

(Web Services on Devices ) is commonly used for scanning, which in my case was not used on that particular server.* NOTE: If at step 4 you get a message that says “Invalid Upgrade File! ” this means that your player isn’t connected to the internet (I know what you’re thinking . update the application that is listed in the event), install latest hotfixes, check for viruses and so on.If the application is and you cannot do "New window" without crashing the browser, then see ME316593 (there used to be another article, ME272322 but it was removed from Microsoft's support site).

According to ME967227, an application that uses the RPCRT4module on a computer that is running Windows Vista SP1 or Windows Server 2008 may stop and generate this message. Application: explorer.exe, Exception code: 0xc0000005 - Windows Explorer crashed and this event was recorded when I deleted some photos while Picasa was compacting its cache. Application - From a support forum: "During the installation of VMware tools I was getting the warning message that if I wanted to use shadow services, I would need to start the COM System Application Properties service and one other service I can't remember before installing VMware tools if I wanted to use shadow services.Since I didn't want shadow services, I ignored the warning.This may also occur if the application is not compatible with the operating system.For example, trying to run games designed for Windows 9x/ME on Windows 2000/XP. Application name: octave-3.2.4- This event was recorded when the Octave (programming language) console was closed using the application window x close button (on the top right of the window) instead of typing "exit" in Octave window (so this is a bug in the Octave interface).Solution : Check for WSD-ports on the server, and if they are present, and not connected to any printers, they should be deleted.