Joe brooks dating

18 Aug

The photographers will say, “Oh, you look great like this”.

We had to sell the house in 2002 and we’d been there since 1981.‘I was upset about it, especially when we were told the house was being repossessed, but you have to try and stay positive.‘So we put all our stuff in storage and moved into the American motorhome we owned, and we lived in a caravan field for a year or so.

I paid off my tax, got free of my debts, free of my credit cards and about a year later we managed to get a little flat.’It was during their stay in the caravan park that Brooks took a call from Robert Palmer’s mother telling her that her Vinegar Joe partner had died aged just 54.‘I was cleaning the motorhome at the time,’ Brooks says quietly.

The outspoken vocalist, now 72, didn’t care for Cyrus’s rough-edged rendition and said as much.

‘Pitching could be a little bit better,’ opined Brooks, show whose Top 20 hits including Pearl’s A Singer, Fool If You Think It’s Over, Sunshine After The Rain, Don’t Cry Out Loud, No More The Fool as well as Lilac Wine.‘After the show my husband Trev said, “Elk, you could have been a bit more diplomatic than that.” But I’m very northern and direct.

‘I thought that we were paying off our tax,’ she says evenly.‘But he said, “No, you’ve just been paying off your fines.”‘It was pretty awful.I was very lucky that I never became an alcoholic.‘I haven’t drunk alcohol before going on stage for 36 years.