Double your dating for sale

21 Jan

Overall, this DVD set is good, mostly based on the first 60-70% or so.

Before watching this again for review, I did NOT remember how good it was, and expected something so-so.

I had forgotten how much I learned from this when I first watched it a few years ago.

And then, around the middle of DVD II…Mystery shows up as a guest speaker.

This is quite entertaining because Mystery was not famous at the time, and you can’t imagine someone more different than David De Angelo in terms of speaking style, looks or techniques.

The only good thing about it was Mystery's apperance, which was actually my first encounter with MM.

However, it would now just be considered introductory material.

More worrying is that Hypnotica‘s body language and voice tone show very visible signs of nervousness, which is quite ironic as he is giving a speech on inner confidence and body language.

Hypnotica is a good guy, I guess he probably wasn’t used to speak in front of 150 dudes at the time.