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16 Jul

This isn’t a hard and fast rule, so it may take a woman’s body a little longer or shorter to start producing the hormone in sufficient levels for it to be detected on a blood test.

Note: This hormone is not found in a non-pregnant woman’s body in high amounts.

h CG is the same hormone used by pregnancy tests to determine if a woman is pregnant.

By the end of week 4, the amount of h CG in the body will be 1,940 – 4,980 m IU/ml.

All of this occurs in just 7 short days and will be when you’ve just missed your period in most cases. By the time week 5 comes to an end, h CG levels will be between 10,140 and 23,340.

Normally, the levels will increase by 33% per day for the first 8 – 11 weeks of pregnancy.Doctors are concerned with this hormone as much because it’s used mainly for detection of pregnancy.This is when the placenta starts to produce hormones that are very important for the baby during pregnancy – and the mother of course.Secretion of h CG begins early on after pregnancy because it plays a direct role in the fetus’s growth.In fact, it will eventually level off, but we’ll discuss that more in depth shortly.Doctors won’t check h CG Levels by day simply because they’ll fluctuate so much in the beginning.If h CG levels are being detected through urine, the hormone levels will not be high enough for detection until days 12 – 14.During pregnancy, the levels of the h CG hormone will skyrocket before leveling off.