Validating forms in dreamweaver Sex chat rooms for threesome

03 Jun

We will be creating a simple feedback form with fields: name, email and message.When the user clicks the Submit button to submit the form data, an error message will display and the form data will not be submitted if the form doesn't validate as specified in the validation behaviors that we'll be adding to the form objects.In the Value section check the Required box to make the Name field a required field.The front-end also consists of the styling part (known as CSS) and the Javascript validations.The back-end is the script running on your webserver.

Now drag a form onto the design view and you will see some code being displayed in the code view.

You can edit the code and change the name of the form from “form1” into something more descriptive.

You’ll also see how to set up a PHP testing environment and preview PHP pages in Dreamweaver.

Along the way you’ll build your skills in areas like using admin consoles, commenting code, working with variables and includes, and much more.

It's usually not necessary to validate every field in a form, but you may want to validate certain fields, such as e-mail addresses.

In this section, we'll practice validating an HTML form by adding behaviors to validate the Name and City fields in the page we created in the previous exercise.