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08 Apr

The UK public, men and women, at last have something that they agree on in the bedroom, it seems; both sexes considered ten the perfect number of partners to have had prior to their encounter.

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It is difficult to shed the stereotypical imagery – if a man has more than ten partners he’s a stud; if the woman does the same, then she’s a slut. Why there should be very differing perceptions for the same level of proclivity for partners to perform the primeval act is baffling but it is the way the majority of the uneducated think about numbers of sexual partners.

But the survey – hosted by the tabloid with additional insight from a sugar daddy and sugar baby dating site – does give us some pointers.

It wouldn’t matter if there were ten times that many – if you can’t be bothered to create an intriguing profile, throw a bit of cash at the dating membership package and approach each of the ladies as individuals and not just ports in a storm along the map of the coastline, you’re gonna get jack in your inbox after categorically deleting his account, only to rinse and repeat the same process the next time he’s had a few beers and gets the notion that striking up a conversation online is a whole lot better way of getting off than returning to the trusty Playboy or Maxim.

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