Internet dating sux

20 Dec

) e attempts to provide better results by “probing deeper” with more detailed personality profiles. On existing dating sites (Lava Life, Plenty of Fish,, etc) you don’t date online at all.Rather, you search and email (and possibly IM) online.Yet online dating sites don’t allow you to share experiences online.Rather, they simply grant you access to a database.

How and why “Starbuck’s” became the default first date is a great mystery to me.

“Going for coffee” is the worst possible first-date activity, for the simple reason that there’s no activity!

We don’t need longer and more detailed questionnaires; we need the opportunity to interact and share experiences: To DO stuff together.

Online dating could take a cue from the “virtual worlds” that have existed since the 90’s.

” post dinner, sans sex), and a pretty decent click that lasted several months.

As a tool for meeting people quickly and efficiently, the online sites are hard to beat — or at least they used to be.

The date, if it happens at all, takes place in the real world…