Updating oak cupboards

09 Mar

We removed wallpaper and painted everything the first week we owned the house and then we did these big-impact-low-cost updating projects to get us through until the full remodel: So, it was livable and even pleasant for awhile. And the counters got even more grody, if that’s possible.According to our prospective home buyer survey, those that ranked it as their most important improvement would pay a premium of 15.3% for it, which would translate into an absolute premium of ,067 assuming the median home price of 9,700.This means that you would theoretically stand lose ,496 by converting to open plan living! According to the survey, upgrading your flooring is the best improvement you can make from a financial standpoint.Then we took on smaller projects as we had time and finances.We removed some upper cabinet door centers and had them replaced with glass.

It goes without saying that you’d have to look at your particular house, costs, and local preferences before drawing this conclusion but it does teach us one important lesson: Like what you’re reading and interested in more actionable tips when it comes to real estate? Even though it only ranked 4th in overall importance to prospective buyers, those that ranked it as the most important were prepared to pay a whopping 16.8% premium for it – translating into an absolute premium of ,268.