Endpoint not updating

04 Jan

The problem I’m going to address in this article though, is: “How to get NSwag clients to read their Web API endpoint from JSON config files.”. As in these cases we don’t need to set the Web API endpoint.

Authorization Server: This is the server that issues access tokens to the client after the resource owner has been authorized by entering their correct credentials into the authorization server’s login screen.

Throughout this blog series, the Authorization Server will be Microsoft Azure Active Directory.

This first blog post Microsoft Dynamics CRM OAuth, OData and Web API gives a brief overview of what OAuth, OData and Web API are and how they can be used with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

The second article Registering a Third-Party Application with Microsoft Azure Active Directory demonstrates how to add a third-party application to Microsoft Azure Active Directory and assign Microsoft Dynamics CRM read/write permissions to the third-party application.

Swagger is a nice tool to expose and provide a documentation and a UI for testing Web API controllers and methods (Generally speaking for RESTful APIs).NSwag is another set of tools to create client classes of RESTful APIs.It is important to know how to use the Web API Endpoint as the Dynamics CRM 2011 endpoints will be deprecated in the future according to Microsoft.The Web API endpoint is easy to use from within Dynamics CRM via plugins, custom workflow activities or Java Script.