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20 Jun

In 2004, she launched her film career with playing the leading role in Bicara Hati which became her break-out role and earned her an award nomination.

One young Ghanaian, Gabby, got the idea to pursue online scamming from his friends.

“Sometimes I would accompany them to the banks for the money.” Rather than email scams, Gabby’s preferred methodology was the online dating scam, colloquially referred to as the ‘come-and-marry’ scam.

The pair made the official announcement at a packed press conference.

They both met while shooting for the drama Hero Seorang Cinderella which aired on Slot Mega Drama Astro Ria.

She told reporters in an interview that she will be involved with two film projects in Indonesia apart from a joint discussion with Astro Shaw for her new film, but she could not provide any further details.

In November 23, 2017, it was confirmed that she and actor, Fattah Amin got engaged on November 13 2017.

Penghulu terbabit mengekorinya sehingga ke kawasan laluan hutan kecil.

Disitulah penghulu berkenaan cuba melakukan perbuatan terkutuk itu kepada mangsa.