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17 Jul

"I believe in free speech and am against censorship," Stupiddroid wrote while making an obvious distinction: "[C]alling someone a 'nig*er' should be ban-worthy." Though banning still acts as a first line of defence, it can be easily evaded by using a VPN or simply creating a new account.From what I've seen, users who wish to engage in harassment, raid servers or bombard chats and users with child pornography suffer no lasting repercussions for doing so.That seemingly any server can become the victim of organised attacks represents the strained and failing infrastructure of moderation -- of Discord, and of virtually any community on the internet.Over 25 million users have flocked to Discord, a text and voice platform for gamers, since its launch in May of 2015.Despite the company raising at least 30 million in venture capital funding, the company has only five "customer experience" personnel and no moderators on its staff.

With only one "customer experience" staffer for every five million users, these admins have developed their own countermeasures.

"Everyday there are raids of alt-right people," Seven, an admin of a popular server for the discussion of Islam, told Gizmodo.

"The discord server feels like a besieged city," Seven said in a private Discord message.

In the course of reporting this story, I also received an unsolicited message from an unknown user containing child pornography.

While anti-Muslim sentiment has certainly grown worldwide, religious chats appear to be a popular target for raiders and trolls regardless of their preferred scripture.

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