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26 Jun

The consignor of the documents, Mykalai Kontilai, claims the contracts are worth million based upon a questionable appraisal rendered by autograph dealer Seth Kaller of Seth Kaller Inc.

The papers of Branch Rickey are presently part of the Library of Congress and they do not include the volume of his Brooklyn Dodger correspondence which is believed to have stayed with the Dodgers.

The O’Malley family retains some correspondence received by the former Dodger owner but it is believed the bulk of his correspondence remained in the Dodger archive in Los Angeles.

Although the Robinson contracts are important and historic documents the million appraised value is almost million more than the sale price of the Magna Carta which sold at a Sotheby’s auction in 2007 for .3 million.

Auctioneer Josh Evans recently criticized Kaller’s appraisal in the stating, “Although it is undoubtedly a great piece and something anyone would love to own, regardless, this is still grossly irresponsible.

The result of the three year project appears to be an impressive data base and the report adds, “the Dodgers have the contents of all those musty boxes and rusty file cabinets digitized and accessible.” Heritage Werks has since done similar work for the Atlanta Braves and the St. In the course of our investigation we interviewed several hobby executives and dealers who shed light on how they believe these rare Dodger documents entered the marketplace and we will report our findings in the next installment (Part 2) of this special report.In addition we will address the speculation and allegations that the historic 19 Jackie Robinson contracts being offered for sale by Goldin Auctions in November originated from the Dodger team archive and were not Robinson’s own personal copies of the documents as alleged by the consignor and the auction house.This lot was accompanied by an unsigned carbon copy file letter written to Campy by Branch Rickey who suggested he use the loan to take care of his divorce settlement.This file copy is further evidence that these documents once resided in the Dodger team files.Three years ago Rosen and the Dodgers hired Heritage Werks to cart off “two moving vans stuffed with Dodger artifacts and documents” to its headquarters in Atlanta to be digitally documented and preserved.The article revealed how Rosen and the company discovered “forgotten treasures” including Sandy Koufax’s original scouting report and a wheelchair used by Roy Campanella.