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04 Jan

31, Mercer County Prosecutor's Office spokeswoman Casey De Blasio confirmed Friday.

According to the , detectives are investigating whether Loofe was dismembered as part of a ritualistic killing.

Police haven’t charged anyone with Loofe’s death, but they’ve named two persons of interest—a pair of alleged con artists accused of scamming and stealing from antiques shops across the country in recent months.

De Blasio declined to discuss the investigation of Barrera's death, or anything else about Terrible, only saying the two had a "prior dating relationship." The investigation into Barrera's killing and the wounding of a 37-year-old man who was with her continued Friday, De Blasio said.

They were both shot about 30 minutes before the new year.

When a coworker at a home improvements store was down on his luck, Loofe let him crash at her place in Lincoln, Nebraska.“Everybody needs help at some point in their life,” Loofe said, despite her friends’ misgivings.