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14 May

Brit beauty Naomi wore a full-length, tiered black dress with flared sleeves for the outing, adding height to her five-foot-nine frame with some strappy animal-print stilettos.Ginn doubled on bass guitar under the name "Dale Nixon" for the recording as he had pushed out co-founding bassist Chuck Dukowski shortly before recording; the album includes two tracks Dukowski wrote.The six tracks on the A-side of the LP are generally high-paced, thrashy hardcore, featuring guitar solos unusual in punk.The double album Everything Went Black—a compilation of earlier, unreleased material—appeared from SST in 1982 without the band's name on it.Unicorn's bankruptcy in 1983 freed the band from the injunction.

On the B-side are three tracks in a sludge metal style, each breaching six-minutes with ponderously slow tempos and unrelenting dark lyrics of self-hatred.

The band members had grown their hair long when they toured the album in 1984, further alienating their hardcore skinhead fanbase.

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