Dating military men from cf

04 Apr

The strains of experiencing violence, trauma, terror and loss of comrades can often lead to operational stress injuries—psychological difficulties such as post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorders, depression or other conditions that interfere with daily functioning.

To effectively offer this kind of help, the Canadian Armed Forces has a Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) with the capability and equipment to provide safe drinking water, basic medical care and infrastructure repair to areas devastated by natural disasters or other upheavals.

The many different operational efforts made by the Canadian Armed Forces would be impossible without the skills of the men and women who work in support roles.

In 1990, Canadian Armed Forces members were sent to a Quebec community west of Montréal during the Oka Crisis to help deal with an Indigenous land dispute.

The Canadian Armed Forces also often help the RCMP monitor our borders for criminal activity, such as the international smuggling of drugs and undocumented immigrants.

The main responsibility of the Canadian Armed Forces is the protection of our country.

Vigilantly patrolling our borders, they are continually at the ready to defend Canada.

For example, a tsunami battered the coasts of countries along the Indian Ocean in 2004 and Hurricane Katrina hit the Southern United States in 2005, causing great destruction and suffering.

In both cases, Canadian Armed Forces members were quickly sent to provide specialized assistance and relief supplies.

As part of the war on terror, the Canadian Armed Forces have served with the United States coalition fleet in the waters off Southwest Asia and taken part in airstrikes against ISIS forces in the Middle East.

On rare occasions, members of the Canadian Armed Forces are called upon to help maintain civil peace within Canada.