Demi lovato dating joe jonas video

28 Jun

She said, "I was frustrated with a certain situation and I was like, 'You know what, I'm just going to write about it.' And so I did and sent [the songs] to that person, and that was... Anytime you send a song about the person, to the person—it's ballsy. And then it turned out that person had written a song about me, and we exchanged song." Hmmm..was the most she has spoken about the song and who it's really about.

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Ever since this interview, she's laughed off questions. But, even though Demi may or may not be head over heels for Nick today, it's the scenes and falling in love with Joe that has us yearning for those much more simpler times.

"I don’t care, but they do."After more dodging, Lovato finally gave a very Taylor Swift-esque, never-name-names response: "You know, something that I will always keep to myself who I write my songs about.""So it’s probably about him, so…"Lovato just laughed, which is as close to a confirmation she'll give on TV.

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