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08 Apr

I have had several break on me, mostly the bills and had one break in half.In the first four tournaments of the year I won and had big bass. From: Comments: I love these cranks they work awesome and boy do they catch fish but of the 10 I ordered this spring I have had 7 of the bills bust off the price point is great but if they break so easy I'm just going to stick to my arashis From: Comments: I bought a bunch of the 1.5s in May of 2015 as part of my annual tackle purchase.I was using the black back/chartreuse in my club tournament this past weekend and broke the bill off two of them while deflecting them off some wood...exactly what they're made for.From: Comments: I love these crankbaits they do not get hung up!I ran them threw the timber & submerged trees & never got hung up!

used the Strike King KVD HC Crankbait in Black Back Chartruese en route to winning the 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Louisiana Delta. I tie up one of these and by the time I'm second guessing my decision. From: Comments: I love this bait I like the action and the colors but I would replace the hooks and the bill isn't really durable mine broke deflecting off a rock the 1.0 is a good for small mouth and large mouth From: Comments: I have several of these in different sizes and colors.

It was KVD's fourth Classic title, tying him with legendary professional angler Rick Clunn for the most ever Classic titles. They are by far the best line of crankbaits I've ever uses.

He ended up catching the majority of his fish throughout the two-day event on the Strike King KVD HC Square Bill Silent Crankbait in the Sexy Shad pattern. That being said on the last few that I have purchased I have had an eye come off on the very first trip out. I snagged one up in a tree and it was chewed up by a raccoon, replaced the hooks when I got it back and it still runs great today even with deep teeth marks and a missing eye.

Comments: This is my go to lure for shallow water crank baits. Not sure if Strike King has changed something in their process but something is wrong? From: Comments: I use this crank bait in the 1.0 size in sexy shad color and I've caught a ton of fish on the bait.

I beat them on rocks and smack them into any cover I can find and I have never broken a bait. Flat out catches fish I literally have a hundred of them & only one bill broke, when I hit my trolling motor rolling it under brush. I have caught a variety of species on it including lmb, smb, walleye, northerns, crappie, gills, catfish, bowfin & even large perch.

Ive had the bills wear down from fishing rocks but never break. From: Comments: Whoever thought of a square style bill in a crankbait should get idea of the century next to a drop shot! My big trick is that the 1.0 on bedded bass is deadly. I also caught my pb LM on the 1.5 in summer sexy shad. From: Comments: They are good crankbaits they run well once you time tune them & catch fish, but I recommend buying a Rick Clunn Series Three they are made better, they are way more durable, they run better, deflect off cover better and are a way better crankbait for the price. From: Comments: This bait runs great & really bounces off rocks & other surfaces well. The downside of this bait is that the paint chips extremely easily if a fish bites down hard enough or if you are fishing rocks all day. Granted it is a cheap bait so that's to be expected.

They come in great colors, they have great action & are pretty durable. If you have a good rod & get a good hookset the hooks will not pop out.

These are the best squarebills under , but you can get better for over this price point.