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14 Jun

They found their first success in winning radio's "Amateur Hour" competition.Those outside the theaters clamored to get in; those inside refused to leave without hearing more of Smith.Guitarist Danny Barker as saying: "Bessie Smith was a fabulous deal to watch. If you had any church background like people who came from the [U.Paghat continues, "Slowy one and then the other two and then additional dancers from off screen all get up to dance to "Caravan." It pretty much turns into a 'dancie' instead of a soundie, and if you overlook the stereotyping costuming, this is pretty fine performing, including some breakdance moves from the guy who wins a trophy, though he has to stop eatin' dat watermelon to receive it.Director Josef Berne worked with many black entertainers and should've known better.

This notoriety led to opportunities to appear on stage and in radio.

During the Second World War the group did extensive touring for the USO and provided entertainment for American troops overseas.

She was a large, pretty woman and she dominated the stage. S.] South as I did, you would recognize a similarity between what she was doing and what those preachers and evangelists from there did, and how they moved people.

She could bring about mass hypnotism." With her earnings, Smith was able to purchase a custom-designed railroad car for herself and her troupe in 1925.

Could this have been the first rap song ever recorded?

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