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17 Jan

“I was worried that if this got worse, he would follow me home.But if a colleague you ask out says “no” or acts uninterested in any way, back off.“Sometimes [guys] think ‘no’ means ‘try harder’ or ‘double down on the number of texts or phone calls,’” says HR consultant Steve Albrecht. “If a woman tells a guy ‘I’m busy’ three to four times then he should get the hint that’s she’s not interested,” says Jonathan Bennett, a relationship coach.After Andrea had hooked up with one of her coworkers a few times, she found out he was also sleeping with another woman at her ad agency.“He was the textbook example of ‘don’t shit where you eat,’” she says.

Even if the relationship is consensual, you have too much influence over that person’s career for the dynamic to ever be equal.

“You don’t know if [a person’s] direct report is going out with them because there’s some implied coercion,” says Strauss.

A bold move that, if it goes badly, can definitely make your work life miserable.