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12 Mar

While these are compelling testimonies and some to rejoice in, they can never be an expectation or even an ardent desire.This conclusion is reasonable as frequently in the Old Testament God’s chosen people, the Jewish people, lose their faith as they intermarry with those from heathen nations.Often when these romantic relationships inhibit someone in their walk with Jesus Christ, it is because they become increasingly disinterested in their religious faith, trading prayer and spiritual discipline for less conflict between his or her partner.As a Religion and Philosophy major, incoming Princeton Theological Seminary student, and co-­captain of my relationship’s ship, the issue I am about to raise is one that I have handled with careful reflection and prayer.I am a seeker, however, and it is with this acknowledgment that I continue to strive to remain open to the idea of being wrong; please feel free to question, comment, or even challenge me in regards to the contents of this post.

Dating is a time to test whether or not you could live with the traits of another for a lifetime, but marriage is a covenant that makes the simple and radical claim: “I choose you.” I pick you when you’re smelly, when we argue, when you act selfishly, and on that rare occasion when I just find you gross overall.

I choose you wholeheartedly, the entirety of you, and if a different worldview makes this promise impossible it is not fair for either of you to remain together.

If you enjoy her thoughts as much as I do, feel free to check her out.

Hi all, I want to begin this article by thanking Dorothy Bellas for allowing me to guest write.

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