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21 Dec

Their characteristics resemble African finds that are four to five million years younger than the fossils excavated in Eppelsheim.

“Trying to just move forward.”Still, Viall remains connected to his Bachelor past by keeping in touch with former contestants, including ex Andi Dorfman, whose heart he vied for on season 10 of The Bachelorette before she ultimately chose Josh Murray. Yeah, we’ll like talk here and there, every once in a while,” the Single State of Mind author told Us on Tuesday, January 9.

A pair of 9.7 million-year-old teeth uncovered in Germany will not rewrite human history, two of the world’s top palaeontologists have said.

Because of the riverine geography of Bangladesh, ships have been playing a major role in the trade affairs of the people of this country since the ancient times.

According to the accounts of the 14th century Moroccan traveler Ibn Batuta, there used to be large fleets of warships docked in various ports of the country.

During the 17th century, the shipyards of Chittagong used to build warships for the Sultan of Turkey.

During the Mughal Empire, the province of Bengal Subah had a large shipbuilding industry.

A medieval European traveler Caesar Frederick documented that the port city of Chittagong was a manufacturing hub of large ships during the mid 15th century.

The volume of shipbuilding swelled extensively during the Mughal period.

“The ‘canine’ is actually a piece of a ruminant tooth.

It is hard to tell because it is broken above the root and polished,” he said.