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10 May

This is particularly useful for AR apps such as tour guides for exploring new cities.

Apple noted in their patent filing that 'The system also comprises a light source, such as a laser #22, which is driven by a laser driver to direct a light beam through a DOE which typically comprises a diffractive lens.'One of the engineers credited in the patent, Jawad Nawasra is also credited with another 3D mapping patent titled Time-of-flight depth mapping with flexible scan pattern.

It explains: 'Imaging apparatus includes an image sensor, which acquires an image of a scene, and a scanner, which includes an optical transmitter, which emits a sequence of optical pulses toward the scene, and an optical receiver, which receives the optical pulses reflected from the scene and generates an output indicative of respective times of flight of the pulses.

Bloomberg says the technology could be included in the firm's 2019 i Phone lineup - just a year before it is expected to introduce its first AR spectacles.

The new camera will use a laser to bounce light 'pulses' off objects and measure how far away they are, a technique known as time of flight, according to Bloomberg.

All three will abandon the home button in favor of Apple's Face ID system, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities believes.

It comes amid claims Apple's augmented reality glasses could be on shelves by 2020, it has been claimed.

Apple engineer Jawad Nawasra patented the 3D 'Time-of-flight' depth mapping with flexible scan pattern in 2016.