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05 Aug

The film is set in England and Ireland, in the Dark Ages, after the fall of the Roman Empire in the 5th century.While I do not know the actual historical story, I found the storyline highly captivating.I thought James Franco played Tristan brilliantly - broken hearted but not brooding, he seemed to only come to life during battle before meeting Isolde, and then afterward only in their stolen moments together.He is discovered by Isolde and her maid, Bragnae, who administer an antidote that revives him.Bragnae insists that Isolde conceal her identity so Isolde tells Tristan her name is Bragnae and that she is a lady-in-waiting.

Many of the reviews I've read seem to think that he played the role flatly, but I thought the subtlety of expression in his eyes and body language was impressive.

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