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18 Apr

Assigned the "stripper names" of #R2Double D and #Triple CPU by Sapphire, the two robots were originally called "Peepshow," a political work by the British artist Giles Walker intended to criticize ubiquitous surveillance in the UK. The idea for the two bodacious bots, each made of mannequin parts, windshield-wiper motors, a gate-opening motor and a CCTV camera, came from a well-known 2003 British quip about "sexing up" a report to convince the UK to go to war in Iraq.Even after nearly 10 years, Aunt Judy's is still the BIGGEST and BEST mature site for your buck!With over ONE MILLION pics of ladies from 30 years old all the way up to granny, and countless high quality movies of mature action, you can't go wrong.It took a long time, but finally there is a new mature site out there that is turning heads, and that site is All Over 30.The guys who run this site have been building high quality adult sites for over 10 years and know what surfers want to see when it comes to older women.

"They bring people in here, so I'm happy." Some of the girls, in fact, got pretty protective of the robots, who don't have the sass and protective instincts of a real sex worker.

They can only gyrate, slowly, looking at you with their LED eyes.

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Walker, at that point, was offering the robots for sale for ,500 each, according to the BBC.

By 2014, Tobit was showing upgraded models named Lexy and Tess, which could be controlled via smartphone, according to You Tube channel Ruptly TV. In the strip club, the CCTV girls aren't necessarily about the government watching you.

Reiley, a waitress at Sapphire, said she was worried that the men watching the robots were going to manhandle and break them.