Is interracial dating ethically sound

01 Jan

Some evangelicals have griped among themselves that the pollsters rely on self-identification for their data, meaning anyone who calls themselves an evangelical is considered one, regardless of actual theological beliefs and regular church attendance.I argued with teachers about the moral slippery slope of gay marriage.I invited friends to church youth group outreach events in the hope that they would come to know Jesus.The controversy over continued evangelical support of Alabama senatorial candidate Roy Moore — who narrowly lost Tuesday night in the midst of multiple accusations of sexually inappropriate behavior with teenage girls — only emphasizes the gap between moral values and venal power grabs for social conservative causes.And yet this massive change of heart among evangelicals in the moral standard they hold political leaders to, and the unseemly compromises they seem willing to make for political power, feels almost like a personal betrayal to me. Though younger evangelicals were already leaving the church before the 2016 election, the results of the election in some ways became merely an irrevocable turning point, the latest proof confirming that a significant portion of evangelicals appear to have lost their way.

But as much as I try to parse how and why some members of the faith tradition I grew up with have abandoned core principles, it’s clear that the story of evangelical Christianity in the US and, to be honest, the world, has often included ruthless white supremacy.

There was never really any place for someone like me.

On TV, the Christmas ads all say Happy Holidays never Merry Christmas. I feel like I’m in a war, in a war to stop this atheism garbage!!!

Between the ages of 13 and 15, I harbored a zeal for the trenchant conservative politics of white evangelical America. I prayed over the souls of my classmates and wrote essays about why abortion was wrong.