Euro dating website

01 Apr

After 1.5 months i had an email from this site that you have to pay 169$ Canadian. And i have no idea about 3 months automated subscription, which they said we have agreement with you in our terms and conditions. Everything you have read is true about this company being a scam, about not being able to contact them to cancel the subscription. I have tried oi find a phone number, they have none and I have cancelled via the website and this does not stop them from charging me 155$ for the last month...There's no contact details on the website, no means with which to obtain recourse.The contractural Terms and conditions breach Eurpoean trading laws- the customer is penalised in relation to Unfailr Contract Terms (the get-out clause is in favour of the trader).Not all Russian girls online are "dangerous", you talk with such stupidity.I talk with some on one of the Euro lady dating sites some time ago.

Then some just very quickly send me naked winkie pictures, and I do not want a woman who sends that if I have not even met them.