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11 Aug

My favorite books--and the submissions most likely to catch my interest--are the ones so assured in their execution that the only input my critical mind can muster is "That was fun. " I'm delighted to be in a position of perpetual discovery.To most people, there has been so much evidence now of Jackson’s predilection for young boys, it beggars belief that some rational, thoughtful people are still on the fence regarding his guilt.Even though we know that Jackson entertained different boys for at least 850 or more nights, owned books featuring photos of naked young boys, and paid a lot of money to boys who accused him of molestation, once we take into account the Halo Effect, it is easy for some to have residual doubts about whether Jackson is guilty or not.I know I’ve found a winner when I catch myself scribbling down editors' names, forming a submission list on any available scrap of paper as I read.My client list paints a pretty solid picture of what I'm likely to respond to in terms of category and voice, but here are a few specific wish list items: general fiction: I'm particularly interested in upmarket execution of commercial concepts. I'd also love a page-turning domestic suspense (my taste leans more on the domestic end, a la Liane Moriarty--I find the interplay of human relationships, when well done, every bit as potent a story driver as espionage).

If you receive an offer of representation from another agent and we haven't yet replied, please do email back and let us know.

We are not accepting submissions for screenplays or poetry.

Martin’s Press/Macmillan) Kari Dell's TOUGHER IN TEXAS (contemporary romance, Sourcebooks) Christina Lauren's AUTOBOYOGRAPHY (YA, Simon & Schuster Books for Young Readers) Nancy J.

Cavanaugh’s ELSIE MAY HAS SOMETHING TO SAY (MG, Sourcebooks) Alan Gratz, BAN THIS BOOK (MG, Tor/Macmillan) Rachel Hawkins’s RUBY & OLIVIA (MG, Putnam/Penguin Random House) Rae Carson’s INTO THE BRIGHT UNKNOWN (YA, Greenwillow/Harper Collins) A native Southerner, I began my career working in editorial at a publisher in Nashville, TN, then moved to New York and hopped over to the agency side in 2004.

Martin’s Press/Macmillan) Kari Dell's TANGLED IN TEXAS (contemporary romance, Sourcebooks) C. Redwine's THE WISH GRANTER (YA fantasy, Harper Collins/Balzer & Bray) V. Schwab's A CONJURING OF LIGHT (fantasy, Tor) Meredith Duran's A LADY’S CODE OF MISCONDUCT (historical romance, Simon & Schuster/Gallery) Addison Fox’s JUST ONCE (romance, St.

Martin’s Press) Laura Drewry's CATCH & RELEASE (contemporary romance, Loveswept/Random House) Winnie Archer’s KNEADED TO DEATH (cozy mystery, Kensington) Megan Crane’s EDGE OF POWER (postapocalyptic romance, St.

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