Psp shuts down when updating online dating convo

21 Dec

Manufacturers take a conservative approach and specify the life of Li-ion in most consumer products as being between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles.

Applications are growing and are encroaching into markets that previously were solidly held by lead acid, such as standby and load leveling. Lithium-ion has not yet fully matured and is still improving.

Notable advancements have been made in longevity and safety while the capacity is increasing incrementally.

The reason for this is that custom firmware PSPs usually run at 333 MHz where as default processor frequency is 222 MHz.

This extra speed requires more power and combined with Wi-Fi that also requires extra power, it just overloads Nodus Psyclone. When Wi-Fi kicks in, it produces surge of energy, which causes electric current fluctuation from the power supply that is connected to PSP and this causes PSP to shut down. To do this you will need to first remove the front metal grill.

Following next year’s shutdown, PSP users will still be able to download and install compatible games from the Play Station Network via a Sony-proposed workaround.

Players will first need to download PSP games to a PS Vita, Play Station 3, or PC before transferring them to a connected PSP.

Then also make sure the connection is sound and put some cello-tape around the solder points to isolate them. If you dont use Wi-Fi, Nodus Psyclone would normally charge the PSP.

However it will not always charge it on Wi-Fi connection.