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17 Aug

Other nominees included WUSN Chicago, KYGO-FM Denver, WYCD Detroit, WXTU Philadelphia, and KSON-FM San Diego.

WNEW-FM's early programming also included an automated middle-of-the-road (MOR) format, followed quickly by a period (July 4, 1966, to September 1967) playing pop music with an unusual twist in its day..all-female air staff.

The gimmick was unique and had not before been attempted anywhere in American radio.

In 2010, K102 was the Academy Of Country Music's Major Market Station of the year.

In 2012, The K102 Wake-up Crew Donna and Muss won the CMA for the Major Market Personalities category.

It was not the first in New York to do so – WOR-FM preceded it – but it was the one that prospered and became famous for the format and that in turn influenced the rock listenership as well as the rock industry.The original disc jockeys were Bill "Rosko" Mercer, who started on October 30, 1967; Jonathan Schwartz, who made his debut on November 16, 1967; and "the Professor" Scott Muni, who first appeared on November 18, 1967.The station shut down in 1952 and the license cancelled, but it was later re-established in 1965 on its present-day 94.5 MHz frequency. They became KEEY ("Key") in 1968, programming Drake-Chenault's automated "Hit Parade '68", an adult version of the format found on KHJ in Los Angeles.Drake's promotional materials indicate it was targeted to the 18-49 age group, for "those people who may not like Top 40 as a steady diet, and those who are not particularly fond of some of the outdated MOR stations".WNEW-FM was among the first stations to give Bruce Springsteen significant airplay, and conducted live broadcasts of key Springsteen concerts in 19; Springsteen would sometimes call up the DJs during records.Later, Dave Herman featured a "Bruce Juice" segment each morning.