Where current not updating records

27 Jan

One major pitfall I ran into with fast updates is that you can't update a collection of object you retrieved from the DB - you have to add them to a NEW collection then use fast update on that one.In order to do this, you may create a and see the result: So far, all went well. User requirement 2 Now, your customer informs you that there is already a BR to block the incident’s update when the short description contains “toto”.After a quick search, you found the BR, which is set up with order 200: You want to check the behaviour of this BR so you add “toto” in the short description, save the record and see what happens: Since the short description contains “toto”, the incident has not been saved as expected. , a orphan problem has been created, due to the business rule of user requirement 1.We wanted to take this opportunity to share with you one of the findings which may not be obvious for everyone: Let’s analyze some user requirements to understand what all that means.User requirement 1 Let’s say you need to implement this: “A problem must be created when the incident priority becomes critical”.

In the same assignment I'm adding the Custom Object to a SObject Collection.

When all the Lookups and Loops are done I use fast update to update my Custom Objects.

My Org uses Person Accounts and I have a custom Junction Ojbect linking Contacts to another Custom Object.

When a field on the Contact object is changed I need to get all the Junction Objects for that Contact, then get all the Custom Objects on the other side of the junction and update a field on those objects with the new value from the Contact.