Latli hot video

30 Jan

I would have to go for Photo 2 as the prime as everything seems to be just that little bit clearer and more well defined.

I make notes on generic NPCs, vehicles, places, etc.

"Adventures" are a card with a list of NPCs and locations, and bare-bones plot points.

It went so well that the enemy planes never made it into the air, though to destroy the airfield they used up nearly all of their ammo.

(We used poker chips as ammo markers, which made it simpler at the table.) One of the characters confronted A'Latli and had a nice bare knuckled brawl.

"Neneti" (Cristobel) made contact with and bribed the characters to "rescue" from her "terribly rigid curse of the Mayan caste system." A'Latli got to behave grandiose and sinister before capturing Coyopa and illegally sacrificing him to unleash "the curse." (The characters were by this time more afraid of the curse than would be justified by the mechanical effects I had in mind, which was perfect.) Some characters got in a fight in the temple, and sought refuge with Zyanya immediately afterward, while others convinced the Prince diplomatically that his role was not in the air.

Then we had the air attack, which was very successful for the squadron.

For example, last weeks adventure, based on the adventure seed "Maya Strike" from the book took the following form: Coyopa challenged one of the characters to an air race which the player narrowly won.

Then Zyanya turned the mysterious stranger thing up to eleven, but kept feeding the characters small bits of friendly and useful advice. The Prince bumbled his way through several scenes, and gave enough bad tactical advice that the characters were very afraid of accompanying him into battle but didn't want to offend him either.

Checking at the car and the grill near the case is the proof that Prime is giving sharper quality than a zoom lens.

Photo 1 is softer, but still both pics appear to be almost similar.