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13 Apr

The project is in full production mode and we are finalizing locations, wardrobe, props, and final casting as I type this. " is the unholy lovechild of a science textbook and a particularly raunchy issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.I thought, this could be a really fun-looking comedy book. Let me assure you that it wasn't for lack of things to talk about. If you were following along you'd know that it's been 10 months since our last update.

I think it would be irresponsible to write it without mentioning that fact that sexual crimes and assault are something that every woman thinks about all the time.

I think a lot of men don't realize how pervasive that feeling is. What kind of role has Twitter played in your career? I really was hired for my first job in television based in a big part on the strength of my Twitter feed.

Get back to your work." Q: Do you have a favorite science subject?