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21 Aug

Dennis Crowley, who co-founded Foursquare after his earlier location app, Dodgeball, was purchased by Google and quickly foundered, had a hunch that transplanting the reward system of videogames into the real world would give his new venture more stickiness. Bodegas, bars, dorms, and even street corners quickly became the scenes of pitched battles for mayoral supremacy.

We’ve made it easy with our Dating Matrix, plotting place categories on the spectrum of romance, while taking into account Foursquare visit data and Swarm check ins according to gender, to give you insight into the male/female breakdown you’re likely to find when you arrive. Your nearby speakeasy, which over-indexes for romance. For an unconventional choice, consider a cycling class (deemed somewhat sexy, with a high percentage of women).

Depending on how you feel about the man in your life, consider a throwback date to a record store (kinda romantic), a stop into a hookah bar (totally neutral), or if you’re keeping it friends-only, go straight to the pool hall.

The feature allows Swarm users to spontaneously meet and make plans what Foursquare calls a faster and easier method than "texting all of your friends to see who's around." If you're out and about in stealth mode, the feature can be turned off and check-ins can occur as per usual.

The launch of Swarm does mark the end of another Foursquare era: Earlier this week, designers announced a plan to remove the competitive Mayorship feature, badges, and reward points, admitting that "our game mechanics started to break down" once Foursquare's user numbers grew.

In its place, Swarm offers a new take on the coveted Mayor title — Mayors 2.0 — in which users compete for Mayorships only among their group of friends.

The Swarm app also features a "Plans" board, visible to all friends in the user's city, where groups can "throw ideas out there" for future meet-ups.

In late December Foursquare updated its privacy policy which will now display users' full names, as opposed to an initial for a surname.

Also, the user can import their contact lists from other mainstream OSN sites.

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