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07 Aug

The night of the election, I tweeted encouraging people to talk to their providers right away about long-term birth control options, if they didn’t want to get pregnant.One woman said, ‘I knew the second you walked in the room you were totally confident because of your lipstick.’ Do you switch it up for special occasions?I usually stick to classic looks like a red lip and a cat eye when it comes to my makeup. I just went to the Lady Gaga concert and tried to recreate a look of hers.To trust their bodies and themselves, and they are strong and capable of anything.I always tell moms that as long as I am with them I will hold space for them and get them through whatever they need.

They are exfoliants (not the scrub kind) that get rid of the top layer of dead skin cells.

They have reduced my fine lines, made my pores smaller, and improved the smoothness and texture of my skin.

As a nurse, I’ve been surprised by the deficit of knowledge when it comes to women and their bodies.

So, I’m excited to be able to educate women further about reproductive health, and also be a provider. I focus most on women’s health and reproductive rights.

The BBC reached out to me and I did interviews talking about IUDs and other long-term birth control options.

The experience definitely inspired me to be more vocal.

Fear is something that has become inextricably linked with birth in our culture, and it doesn’t have to be.