Vs 2016 updating intellisense slow

20 May

This will bring up the settings in the editor and you can go to the Go configuration as shown below: Note that it opens up a file on the right side and allows you to override the default settings, which is a neat feature. Assuming that you have launched Visual Studio Code, the first step to do is to add a Project folder.

After almost five years, the request received 3,127 votes on the User Voice forum for Visual Studio.

Microsoft instead recommended the vs Funnel extension to optimize memory by filtering low-priority projects, adding "we highly value your feedback." They cited a December MSDN post that had argued "smaller is faster," and that no performance benefits would be realized for users whose code and data already fit into a 32-bit address space, while most other issues could be addressed with better data design.

Please note that this is very much an unbiased review.

I have been using Re Sharper for my day to day coding for over a decade, and the workflow it enables is deeply rooted in how I work.

That said, project open time are also “switch between branches”, and that is a major PITA.Of course, I’m guessing R# is really popular, because: I can guess someone was tired of “visual studio is slow” when it is someone else’s code, and they wrote this to point the blame on the relevant extension so the bug report would go to the appropriate people.Just like Atom, Visual Studio Code is an excellent editor with a plugin ecosystem for most languages and tools. Keep in mind that we are talking about setting up a Golang environment in Visual Studio but it has a huge ecosystem of extensions that you can install for the development language of your choice.Install the right plugins and you are good to Go :-)What I liked about Visual Studio code was that it felt a lot more responsive compared to Atom. First up, we are go to install and setup Visual Studio Code Editor.The quick docs thing and autocompletion (which basically is just a way to present documentation) are, IMHO, the killer feature of static typing.The error checking is often praised because it is the easiest advantage to comprehend and explain, but it is not the biggest advantage.