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09 Apr

If you want a six month subscription to the online edition it is and a full year can be purchased for . Everything that I did on that show was pretty much in character, except for when I cried. You can’t make everything flow the way it should for a 42 minute show without some editing. I do like the fact that they didn’t make it seem like I got caught doing something, like my hand was in the cookie jar. The crying thing, it was weird because it actually happened when I came back out on stage — it wasn’t after they said I was safe.Michelle said on stage, she was like, “You look great. All I wanted on that show was to raise my profile a little bit because I wasn’t getting in for parts.Shangela and Chris Crocker got parts over me because they said I wasn’t enough of a name.

“His whole focus was using social media to solicit people for sexual favors.” Gormley said Zaetsch would essentially create fake female profiles to establish communication with others, then exploit that original interaction via another fake profile.

“So there would be a couple of different profiles,” Gormley said.

“I broke the rules,” she said on the episode, before rubbing her butt on the mirror in the workroom where she also left a goodbye message for her fellow contestants, “but I’m a big boy dressed in big girls clothes. I can’t change anything that I did, and there’s no point in dwelling on it.” The good news? Which is why we checked in with Willam herself to see what she had to say about the night’s events. Why do you have to be cryptic about what happened on last night’s episode? So I don’t understand why I got s— for saying I was on TV…when asked! It was quite obvious from that moment that people knew I was in character, you know? Are you rooting for a particular queen for the win? She was one of the only people who was honest with me about my makeup.

She’s just as cagey as you might expect — and the answers are still very unclear, outside of the realization that this is all likely just a big publicity ploy for her and her new single — but read on to hear Willam talk about last night, her portrayal on the show, who she’s rooting for now, and what she’ll be shilling next. When someone says, “I recognize you,” I’ll say, “Congratulations on having a TV.” It’s a little joke. I just didn’t see a five o’clock shadow sometimes until I was on stage after the lip-synch, touching up my makeup.

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